Emily Burgetz of Toronto Receives 2017 President

The 2017 President's Leadership Award will be presented to Emily Burgetz at Pax Christi Chorale's spring concert, Die Schopfung, on April 28th, 2018 (Grace Church on-the-Hill).

Established in 2001 to commemorate Choirs Ontario’s 30th anniversary, the President’s Leadership Award recognizes individuals who, through their support or engagement in choral music-making, have made an exceptional contribution to the promotion and advancement of choral music in their communities. Choirs Ontario is proud to present this year’s award to Emily Burgetz of Toronto in recognition of her remarkable contributions to the promotion and advancement of choral music within the Greater Toronto Area.

Ms. Burgetz’s tireless contribution to Pax Christi Chorale over the past thirty years has led the organization to many artistic successes, membership growth, financial sustainability, and administrative support. Choirs Ontario jury panel recognized Ms. Burgetz’s loyal dedication to Pax Christi Chorale. Having served this ensemble for more than 30 years, her work is instrumental to the success of this organization. Her leadership has enabled Pax Christi Chorale to present innovative programming, champion commissions by Canadian composers, and perform rarely heard symphonic chorus works. The panel commended Ms. Burgetz’s great contribution to her own choral community and to the larger arts community in this province.

Ms. Burgetz was the visionary who co-founded Pax Christi Chorale, creating an enduring, high quality choir by building on a one–time performance choir formed in 1987.  She has held roles as the Choir President and Board Chair, and volunteered for over 30 years.  Ms. Burgetz created the choir’s organizational structure, and took on the role of both Board Chair and President of the choir to transition to a formal governance structure.  Under her leadership, she personally recruited lawyers, financial and organizational experts, and music professionals to create an effective board.

For the past 30 years Emily has been the face of Pax Christi Chorale.  Not only did she provide the vision, financial support and volunteer time to evolve a one-time volunteer non-professional group to a 100 voice choir of both professional, semi-professional and talented amateur singers, but she also strategically prepared the choir and board for a stable transition to the new phase, which commenced this year with a new Artistic Director. Emily Burgetz has been, and continues to be a passionate singing member of the choir.

Those who know and have worked with Emily Burgetz hail her as “passionate leader and supporter”, both for her work with the Pax Christi Chorale and in her contributions to the Arts and Culture sector in the GTA.  Choirs Ontario applauds Emily Burgetz’ work and is pleased to be honouring her with this award.

The 2017 Presidents’ Leadership Award will be presented to Emily Burgetz at Pax Christi Chorale’s spring concert, Die Schöpfung, on April 28th, 2018 (Grace Church on-the-Hill).